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Can you please HELP?


Property Description

Donlen&Co has a select group of discreet clients that are looking to invest into various property types

  1. Strong interest in small to medium commercial in the north East Region, $500,000 to $1,500,000 . Of course they would appreciate the highest return but they are understand theat capital growth plays a part as well.

  2. Residential homes that would suit dual dwellings, budget will vary as do the properties quality $300,000 to $800,000

  3. Rural & lifestyle properties with or without improvements (especially anything with Equine improvements or potentail) $$$$$$$$$$

  4. 300 plus acres with home $2.5m plus

Would appreciate any help or referral to a friend or client of yours, thank you

Yes I did catch Mr Snapper, he was the only one I caught for the whole day out, great fun.

Contact Agent

Rikki Donlen

0459 784 074

Property Details

Property Type

Wanted selected properties for clients







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